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About us... 

Born out of a passion to nurture our young people, the mission of Fair Ways for Youth is founded upon an integrated foundation of health, education and mentorship. Formerly known as Keen Family and Friends Charity Golf Tournament, Inc., we continue to expand our activities beyond our annual charity golf events to reflect our continuous commitment and ongoing fundraising initiatives for young people. Fair Ways for Youth believes that every child deserves the opportunity to become great.

Thousands of children go without proper nutrition every day. Thousands more grow up and cannot read. Millions of our youth have no one to teach them how to become responsible, accountable adults.  Fair Ways for Youth supports organizations that embrace the needs of the whole individual. It is incumbent upon us to set forth a path with a solid future—provide them a fair way to success.

 Fair Ways for Youth is a 501 (c) 3 public charity, we have worked with organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Talk About Curing Autism, Area 13 Special Olympics, Carson Scholars, and For the Children: Partners in Prevention, Inc.